10 Amazing Health Benefits of Swiss Chard

By | January 15, 2021
10 Amazing Health Benefits of Swiss Chard

In today’s video, you will see 10 benefits of chard to your body!

Green salads should be in everybody’s meals since the leaves, besides having vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive compounds that bring benefits to our body, are also high in water and fiber. Did you know that?

Today, we will learn more about chard.

Chard is rich in insoluble fiber that helps regulate the intestinal function and keeps the digestive system healthy, preventing constipation and other issues.

The leaf can be eaten raw or cooked and can be added to many dishes. See the benefits that chard offers to your health:

0:00 Health Benefits of Swiss Chard
0:43 Helps with blood circulation
0:55 Helps with weight loss
1:01 Good for the heart and mental health
1:22 Strengthens the immune system
1:41 Helps regulate blood sugar levels
2:03 Helps with bone density
2:21 Protects eye health
2:33 Prevents anemia
2:54 Avoids premature aging and makes the hair healthier
3:19 Prevents some types of cancer
3:26 How to consume chard
3:39 Chard Contraindications and Side Effects

Chard can be eaten raw in salads, cooked, stir-fried, or even as a juice or smoothie, combined with fruits and raw vegetables.

This dark green leaf can also be used as a homemade medicine to treat many health issues.

People with kidney stones and those prone to have them should avoid chard. This is because of the oxalic acid, a compound that increases the formation of stones in the kidneys. Also, the high levels of oxalic acid may lower the absorption of calcium.

People who suffer from hypocalcemia must cook the chard before eating it to reduce oxalic acid. This vegetable is rich in vitamin K and must be avoided by people who take anticoagulants.

If you like to eat chard or have used it in natural medicines before, share with us!


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