7 Reasons Acai Berries Can Improve Your Health

By | March 2, 2021
7 Reasons Acai Berries Can Improve Your Health

Do you like acai? Have you ever tried it before? In today’s video, you will see the benefits of eating acai!

This berry is typical from Northern Brazil and has gained worldwide fame. After all, a cold acai bowl is synonymous with freshness!

But, if the taste alone isn’t enough to convince you, here are some other reasons to add acai to your diet!

So, did you like learning more about the benefits of acai? Do you plan on eating more of it?

But do you know how to eat it?

What turns an acai bowl into a caloric mess are all the things that are added to it, like guarana syrup, granola, and bananas. The ideal is to buy the frozen pulp and add it to your morning juice.

According to nutritionists, since it is a caloric food, acai may cause weight gain and hyperglycemia (increased blood sugar levels) when eaten in big amounts.

Besides, you must also pay attention to the source of your acai. Never eat acai without a quality certification from the regulatory agencies. Studies suggest that most cases of Chagas disease are caused by eating contaminated acai.

Acai is contraindicated for diabetic people because of its high glucose level.

If you want to eat acai, talk to a doctor or nutritionist before and avoid the ones with guarana syrup (a common additive found in acai sold at the supermarkets).

0:00 Acai Berry Benefits
0:29 Slows down the aging process
0:44 Contributes to good bowel movements
1:05 Good for the heart
1:28 More energy
1:48 Prevents degenerative diseases
2:05 Reduces the risk of cancer
2:18 Helps the menstrual cycle
2:42 How to Eat Acai
3:12 Acai Dosage and Consumption
3:33 Acai Side Effects, Precautions and Contraindications


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