Are There More Health Benefits in Lemons or Limes?

By | October 29, 2019
Are There More Health Benefits in Lemons or Limes?

We have talked many times about it on our channel, but we never talked about how many types of it there are, and what are the benefits it offers.

So, in today’s video, you will learn the differences and the benefits of the 4 most common types of lemons.

Did you know how many kinds of lemons there are? Tell us in the comments below!

It is estimated that there are over 100 species of lemons around the world. Did you know?

But only 4 of them stand out in this list: Lisbon lemon, lime, key lime, and rangpur lime.

But did you know that only the Lisbon lemon can be considered a real lemon?

The other ones are considered limes, species derived from lemon.

Rangpur lime, for instance, is a hybrid between the lemon and mandarin orange.

Lemon offers vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, which takes care of our immune system, and potassium, a mineral that prevents cramps.

The only differences in between all these kinds of lemons are their colors, skin, and size.

Do you want to learn more about their differences?

Even though they all look different, they all offer the same benefits:
Prevents constipations;
Stimulates the brain;
Improves nervous system;
Regulates blood pressure;
Helps in asthma treatment;
Fights respiratory diseases;
Prevents colds;
Reduces stress;

Now that you know more about lemons, try using other varieties of it, and include this powerful natural ingredient in your diet.

Don’t waste your time to get all the benefits of this amazing citrus fruit.



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