Balm for respiratory ways: bronchitis, cough, hoarseness, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis

By | December 16, 2021
Balm for respiratory ways: bronchitis, cough, hoarseness, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis

Balm for respiratory ways: bronchitis, cough, hoarseness, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis
Leek macerate (Syrup) with bee honey is a well-known remedy for bronchial diseases, treating both dry cough and sputum, sore throat such as hoarseness, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis.

→ Homemade Leek syrup with honey, cold macerated, for bronchitis ←

👉 Beneficial effects of leek syrup with honey:
► Effects and properties:
◉ antibiotic;
◉ antiviral;
◉ antibacterial;
◉ immuno-stimulator;
◉ anti-allergic;
◉ antioxidant;
◉ anti-inflammatory;
◉ antiseptic
◉ laxative;
► Supports the respiratory system:
◉ relieves bronchitis, inflammation of the gills and bronchioles;
◉ helps to relieve cough, soothes both dry and sputum cough;
◉ has calming and expectorant properties that help eliminate phlegm and heal irritation (practically helps eliminate bacteria and clean the airways);
◉ also acts as an antibiotic that fights microorganisms;
◉ relieves sore throat: hoarseness, tracheitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis;
► Supports the cardiovascular system:
◉ protects the heart and blood vessels;
◉ indicated in hypertension;
◉ indicated in angina, atherosclerosis;
◉ lowers bad cholesterol (LDL);
► Anti-rheumatic effects:
◉ reduces chronic inflammation;
◉ good in rheumatism, arthritis, gout: leeks promote the elimination of uric acid;
► Supports the digestive system:
◉ has laxative effects;
◉ helps to calm the irritations of the digestive tract;
◉ helps eliminate worms and intestinal parasites (worms, pinworms);
◉ cleanses the colon, helps eliminate toxins;
◉ the ideal ally in the fight against constipation;
► Supports the nervous system:
◉ increases alertness and concentration, being rich in magnesium, phosphorus and folic acid;
◉ improves memory;
◉ fights stress, good in dyspepsia, anemia;
► Others:
◉ strengthens the immune system;
◉ treats inflammation of the urinary tract;
◉ good in kidney failure, kidney stones, urinary retention, cystitis;
◉ good for liver disease;
◉ together with acacia honey it acts on insulin, increasing its hypoglycemic effect;
◉ fight against obesity;
◉ good for allergies;
◉ fights oxidative stress, being a powerful antioxidant;

👉 Administration:
→ For prevention or incipient bronchitis, 3-6 tablespoons a day is recommended. After administration, it is recommended not to drink or eat for at least 15 minutes (ideally half an hour);
→ For advanced conditions, it can be administered every hour or even half an hour, depending on the cough, irritation of the throat and bronchi.
→ The syrup can be taken with a spoon, teaspoon or even a small glass, one sip at a time.
→ In children the dose will be halved!
→ This syrup is not recommended for babies!
⚠ For more serious conditions, if after 3 days of administration you do not feel any improvement, be sure to consult a doctor!

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