Eat These “Blood Thinning” Foods To Prevent Stroke and Blood Clots

By | July 25, 2022
Eat These "Blood Thinning" Foods To Prevent Stroke and Blood Clots

In this video we’ll show you some foods that can act as natural blood thinners and reduce the risk of blood clots.

Natural blood thinners are substances that reduce the ability of blood to form clots.

Blood clotting is a necessary process, but sometimes the blood can clot too much, leading to complications that are potentially dangerous.

People with certain medical conditions may need blood-thinning medications to reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke.

Blood thinners work in two ways. Platelet aggregation inhibitors prevent blood cells from sticking together to form a clot. Anticoagulants cause clotting to occur more slowly.

If you’re concerned that you’re at risk for blood clots, but haven’t been prescribed a blood-thinning drug, you might search for natural options like food.

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