Eat These Foods for Healthy Kidneys

By | September 29, 2020
Eat These Foods for Healthy Kidneys

Have you ever felt an unbearable pain in your lumbar? Did you know that it might be a sign of kidney stones?

Some women say even that the pain of a stone moving is as painful as childbirth. Can you imagine it?

When a kidney stone moves to the bladder or through the urethra, it is common to feel a sharp, unilateral pain in the lumbar that radiates to the lower abdomen.

Besides pain, some other symptoms can also be signals that you have kidney stones.

If you want to learn about these signs, check the video at the end of this one.

Did you know that the kidneys are one of our most important organs?

They maintain the general functioning of the body and protect us from many illnesses by eliminating unnecessary residues through urine.

Any illnesses related to the kidneys have the potential to be serious.

Some healthier habits are necessary if you want to avoid complications, starting with what you eat.

A diet rich in antioxidants is essential to keep your kidneys working as they help neutralize free radicals and protect the body against inflammations.

Watch the video to learn about what are the best kidney-friendly foods!

Eating 5 or 6 meals a day can help your kidneys, as well as reducing your salt and sugar intake, avoiding alcohol and soda, and maintaining a healthy weight.

When in doubt, talk to a health professional to help you. If you already had kidney stones, share with us what you did and which foods you ate to take care of the issue.

0:00 Best Foods for the Kidneys
1:16 Garlic
1:38 Olive Oil
1:50 Orange, Lemon and Melon
2:09 Blueberry
2:21 Legumes
2:49 Cauliflower
2:59 Drink Plenty of Liquids



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