Get Rid of Double Chins With This Exercise and Natural Treatment

By | April 23, 2019
Get Rid of Double Chins With This Exercise and Natural Treatment

In today’s video we’re going to teach you how to get rid of double chin naturally.

You know that annoying little flap under your chin?

Surely you have already looked at yourself in the mirror and noticed that there are folds under your chin, right?

Did you know that it is not just related to being overweight?

So what do you do to prevent and reduce your double chin?

Here’s how to perform some exercises to decrease your double chin:

The exercise is very simple.

Begin by moving your head to one side. Hold this position while your tongue touches your hard palate. Do this 10 to 15 times and then change sides.

Now lie on your belly and relax your face muscles. Then flex your head causing your chin to touch your chest. Do a series of 10 repetitions, and increase the number of repetitions gradually over time.

Finally, sit in a chair and lean your back on it. Then tilt your head back as if looking at the ceiling. Hold this position and straighten your head as if you wanted to kiss the ceiling.

Repeat the exercise several times and then rest.

To achieve good results, it is important to be consistent with the exercises.

You can also massage your muscles with castor oil to increase the effectiveness of the exercises. This massage will help restore the elasticity of your skin.

The results will not be immediate. However, with lots of dedication you will have a thinner and slimmer neck that will completely change the appearance of your face.



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