Home Remedy For Constipation Relief | Easy, Natural Remedy For Constipation

By | January 14, 2019
Home Remedy For Constipation Relief | Easy, Natural Remedy For Constipation

Here is an easy, natural, at-home remedy that can be helpful for constipation relief! In this video, I outline the ingredients, how to make the remedy, how much to eat, and how often to eat it. I also review a few other options for natural, at-home constipation management at the end of the video!

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✩ Remedy Recipe
1:1:1 ratio of the following ingredients:
→ Prune Juice
→ Applesauce
→ Oat Bran
Mix together and store in a covered bowl or Tupperware in the refrigerator!

How much to take/how often:
▹ Start with 1 tablespoon before bed—try this for 4-5 days
▹ If you do not notice a change in your bowel movements, try 2 tablespoons before bed for 4-5 days
▹ Continue this pattern until you’ve tried 4 tablespoons for 4-5 days
▹ If taking 4 tablespoons does not change your bowel movements, stop—it is time to explore other options!

Other natural ways to keep your bowels moving/remedy constipation at home:
✩ Get up and move around after you eat to encourage peristalsis (that intestinal movement that helps move stool towards your rectum for a bowel movement!)
✩ Try some self-intestinal massage: https://youtu.be/JALxwIIPS0g
✩ Sit on the toilet properly to poop: https://youtu.be/5egK-7jrEHM

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