Homemade Natural Aronia Berry Syrup with Lemon and Honey

By | September 10, 2020
Homemade Natural Aronia Berry Syrup with Lemon and Honey

Homemade Natural Aronia Berry Syrup with Lemon and Honey
💪 Strong antioxidant, strengthens the body, strong tonic, contributes to heart health 💪
👉 Natural chokeberry syrup with honey: The inclusion of aronia berry juice / syrup in the diet comes with benefits in the fight against free radicals, cardiovascular disease, liver, strengthens the immune system. Aronia is considered the wonder fruit, rich in antioxidants, which helps the whole body, and the most convenient and pleasant way to consume aronia berry is in the form of juice, a very tasty drink.

🍷 Benefits of consuming aronia berry juice:
✔ strong antioxidant
✔ strengthens the body’s immunity
✔ aroniaberry fights free radicals
✔ contributes to heart health
✔ regulates blood sugar levels
✔ protects the liver
✔ good digestive
✔ protect the body from intoxication
✔ reduces stress

👉 Storage and validity:
→ It must be kept in the refrigerator, hermetically sealed.
→ From time to time it is recommended to shake bottles.
→ It is recommended to be kept in small bottles.
→ It is recommended to consume in maximum 1 year, if the bottle is not open.
→ If the bottle is open, it is recommended to consume it within a maximum of 3 months to avoid oxidation of the main nutrients in contact with air.

→ Click for step by step recipe: https://old-cures.com/remedies/aronia-syrup-with-honey–117

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📙 Navigation chapters:
0:00 Intro – Aronia syrup with honey
0:08 Ingredient
0:38 Benefits and properties
0:57 Preparation:
1:00 – aronia preparation
1:47 – lemon preparation
2:24 – the fruit is squeezed
4:19 – add honey and mix
4:50 Bottling / Storage
5:41 Administration (see subtitles)
6:14 The resulting aronia pulp
6:29 Final

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