How to Detox Your Liver With a Cucumber and Carrot Juice

By | October 11, 2021
How to Detox Your Liver With a Cucumber and Carrot Juice

We hear a lot about detox diets and recipes. However, not everyone knows how they actually help our bodies.

Detoxifying the body is a deep and complex process. We need to understand how to detox the liver and kidneys naturally.

The body suffers from the excess of toxins produced after consuming industrialized, processed foods.

Besides the buildup of fat, ingesting these unhealthy products can cause inflammation and issues in the liver and digestive system.

We even talked about how emotions affect our organs, did you watch it?

The body has a sophisticated way of getting rid of these toxins, in a process that involves the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs.

However, because of our modern lifestyle, sometimes this process is reduced.

So, it is necessary to stimulate the natural ability to eliminate undesirable, useless substances with juices that combine very powerful ingredients.

In today’s video, we will learn how to make a powerful detox juice with lemon, carrot, and cucumber.

It can strengthen the organs like the kidneys and liver, responsible for filtrating and eliminating harmful substances from our bodies.

But, what makes these ingredients so special?

Lemon is high in vitamin C and flavonoids, making it a strong ally of our immune system.

Carrots are rich in minerals, vitamins A, B, C, and E, and potent antioxidants that improve lung, kidney, and liver functions and prevent different types of cancer.

Cucumber, considered one of the best natural diuretics, is excellent for the kidneys.

Wanna try it? Watch the video to make this natural detox juice!

So, did you like the recipe? Try this detox juice and tell us what you think!

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1:34 Benefits of Carrots
2:07 Cucumber Benefits
2:30 Liver Cleanse Detox Juice Recipe



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