How To DIY : Onion Juice Hair Mask Tutorial | Alopecia Hair Growth Aid (sept/2013)

By | September 23, 2013
How To DIY : Onion Juice Hair Mask Tutorial | Alopecia Hair Growth Aid (sept/2013)

Alopecia, Hair thinning, Hair breaking, Shedding, ect, my hair has been through a lot. I’m using an onion juice hair mask to try to grow my hair quickly, naturally and healthy. Hope fully it helps!
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Onion Juice On Hair Benefits:

– Onions helps increase hair growth
-Onions decreasing inflammation.
-Onions are also high in sulfur (which helps in regenerating the hair follicles)
-Onion juice helps by providing nourishment and circulation to the hair follicles. 
-Onions kills parasites and germs
-Onions are helpful in treating some fungi infections (which can help prevention of hair loss)
– Onions treat thin and greying hair.
-Onions can reverse grey hair when applied to the scalp.

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