I Used Amla Oil On My Hair and This Is What Happened

By | August 12, 2022
I Used Amla Oil On My Hair and This Is What Happened

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I Used Amla Oil On My Hair and This Is What Happened

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What does Amla oil do for hair?
Can amla regrow hair?
Can I leave Amla oil in my hair?
Apply the oil as a treatment: Amla oil can be applied directly to the hair and scalp (after patch testing). The oil can then be left in as a conditioning treatment or washed out.
How long does amla oil take to grow hair?
If you’re trying to grow your hair out or repair dry, damaged hair, do an amla oil treatment once or twice a week. You can use it more often if you’d like, just note that your hair might appear oily and you might give off a particularly pungent scent! It may take about 16 weeks before you notice an improvement.
Can I put amla oil on my face?
Amla oil is also extremely beneficial for improving your skin’s complexion and targeting stubborn scarring. This is because vitamin C helps to increase the production of collagen, which rebuilds healthy skin and fades scarring. Say hello to a more even complexion!

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