Mung Bean: The Healthiest Bean You Can Eat

By | June 24, 2021
Mung Bean: The Healthiest Bean You Can Eat

Have you ever heard about mung beans?

Super flavorful and easy to make, it will make your health stronger. Also called moyashi, meaning bean sprout in Japanese, it is a popular ingredient in Asian culinary. Its properties are even more nutritious than the bean itself.

According to Dr. Matheus MacĂȘdo, Ayurvedic doctor, mung bean sprouts are a mundhal bean, known as lentil. It is also known by the Samhita as the best bean of all, the healthiest one.

The germination process maximizes the nutritional potential of foods, which is highly beneficial to our health. Isn’t it interesting?

Let’s see the benefits of mung beans:

0:00 Mung Bean Benefits
0:45 Prevents some brain disorders
1:05 Great for the digestive system
1:17 Protects against lesion
1:43 Helps with weight loss
2:04 Lowers stress
2:25 Immune system
3:00 Increases life expectancy
3:14 Detox effect

You can find bean sprouts in natural health stores, Asian markets, and even in online stores. If you find it, share your experience with us.

So, did you like learning about mung beans? A small but powerful grain that hasn’t left my kitchen ever since I discovered it.



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