Myths and Facts About Lemon You Should Know

By | March 16, 2021
Myths and Facts About Lemon You Should Know

We talked about lemon many times on this channel, and you probably have watched the video where we talk about the benefits of drinking warm water in the morning, right?

Lemon brings us many health benefits because it is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

Have you ever asked yourself if drinking lemon water actually helps with weight loss? If you have asked yourself that but didn’t find any answers yet, we are sorry to tell you that this is a myth!

Lemon can help in the weight loss process since it is low in calories, has antioxidant effects, and maintains the body balanced, clean, and alkaline. But just lemon itself doesn’t really do much for your weight loss.

There is no point in drinking lemon water every day, fasting or not, if you end up consuming more calories than you spend. Lemon can help, but you will only lose weight for real if you maintain a balanced diet according to your objectives.

0:00 Truths and myths about lemon
0:58 Is it true that consuming lemon prevents colds?
1:33 Lemon helps with digestion?
1:55 Does lemon balance the pH of blood?
2:25 The acidity of lemon can worsen gastrointestinal issues?
2:39 Lemon boosts the metabolism?

So, did you know all these myths and truths about lemon? Share with us which ones were new to you!



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