Sea buckthorn with Sloes berries macerated in Honey, in a jar

By | August 22, 2022
Sea buckthorn with Sloes berries macerated in Honey, in a jar

⚡Sea buckthorn with Sloes berries in layers, macerated in honey, in a jar: Immunostimulating, tonic, energizing bomb that protects you from colds and flu ⚡
Immunostimulating mixture of sea buckthorn and sloes, macerated in honey, recommended especially in autumn and winter, to prevent colds and flu.

👉 Effects and benefits of sea buckthorn maceration with sloes in honey:
✔ tonic, energizing
✔ stimulates immunity
✔ prevents cold and flu
✔ regulates blood pressure
✔ reduces bad cholesterol
✔ blood detoxifier
✔ favors digestion
✔ antioxidant, rich in tannin
✔ tones bones / teeth
✔ helps the nervous system
✔ anti-inflammatory
✔ antibacterial
✔ good for kidney diseases
✔ protects the liver / gall bladder
✔ increases appetite

→ see the step-by-step recipe on the website:–338

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