Stomach Ache Remedy! Stomach Ache Relief!

By | August 8, 2016
Stomach Ache Remedy! Stomach Ache Relief!

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Stomach ACHE remedy or Stomach relief reflexology point! Learn massage for stomach ache remedy for stomach ache relief in this remarkable video that you can use to heal your bloated stomach, gas pain, (fart) digestive system and GI tract!

You can stop a stomach ache in men, women, and children using massage too! Everyone in the family should learn how to massage their abdominals for stomach ache relief.

Learn some stomach ache remedies using reflexology (foot rubbing) instead of antacids. The best course of action is a natural remedy for stomach ache pain! Why not try a natural cure for stomach ache relief instead of man-made medicines?

The best stomach ache treatment I know of is to massage the stomach, but another great idea is to massage the foot. Do deep tissue massage on the arch of the foot in the stomach region (located on the reflexology chart) as your stomach ache remedies.

Stomach pain in women is a widespread problem but can be cured by changing your diet! Some people have stomach pain after eating, and this may be caused by buying or eating processed foods or an allergy food. Eating cabbage is a super stomach remedy too!

Stomach pain after eating can be caused by acid indigestion and backed up small intestine. Learn how to stop a stomach ache by using baking soda to neutralize the acid causing stomach pain. Also, for stomach ache and indigestion, massage the intestines while inverted or on knees. This helps reduce stomach ache by getting the acid OUT of the bottom of your stomach!

If you need to know how to get rid of a stomach ache, then this video may be beneficial! Stomach pain symptoms are many but doing massage really helps!
Watch this helpful video! You’ll get the best home remedies from Vitality Massage on Youtube!

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