STOP drinking BAKING SODA! It can be very DANGEROUS! – DR. CARLOS

By | July 6, 2020
STOP drinking BAKING SODA! It can be very DANGEROUS! - DR. CARLOS

🔍 Never drink baking soda. It can be very dangerous Baking soda is believed to be a natural and powerful remedy. In this video you will learn all the truth and dangers!

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-Dr. Carlos Jaramillo and the Institute of Functional Medicine want you to have good habits and understand how daily decisions can lead to many of the diseases that humanity faces today.

– Dr. Carlos Jaramillo publishes these videos for educational purposes, but they do not constitute a therapeutic recommendation for any individual. It is the responsibility of the individual, not the creator of the content, to follow up on any indications provided Always remember that in Functional Medicine the origin of the disease is sought and the symptoms are not treated.

– Film Director & Post Production: Pipe Orjuela Bustillo Instagram

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