The Perfect Hangover Cure

By | February 20, 2014
The Perfect Hangover Cure

These excellent hangover cure will help get rid of the migraine, nausea, and other sick feelings you have after drinking too much alcohol the night before. Learn these tips and tricks and cure your hangover in seconds. Remember, the best way to cure a hangover is to prevent it! New Nutrition video every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Hangover Cure Tip 1 – Avoid Dehydrating Drinks
Stay away from coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks like fizzy colas, as caffeine has a dehydrating effect and is exactly the opposite of what you need with a nasty hangover!

Hangover Cure Tip 2 – Drink Water
Drink plenty of water or lemon juice/tomato juice with salt, sugar and pepper as it can rapidly relieve hangover symptoms.

Hangover Cure Tip 3 – More Fiber, Protein and Carbs
Stay away from greasy, fatty breakfast foods, go for foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins instead as that will soothe the stomach. Oatmeal, a piece of toast or muskmelon are good options.

Hangover Cure Tip 4 – Eat Banana
Restore the potassium imbalance in your body by eating some bananas or having a banana shake sweetened with honey, which helps with the sugar imbalance too.

Hangover Cure Tip 5 – Potassium, Sulphur and Iodine
Cabbages are rich in fiber, potassium, sulphur and iodine. They are very useful for the body to restore itself after a night of heavy drinking.

Hangover Cure Tip 6 – Ginger
Chew on some ginger as it helps relieve nausea, digest the remaining alcohol and soothes the stomach.

Hangover Cure Tip 7 – More Water to Get Rid of Alchohol
Drink plenty of water between drinks as it keeps you hydrated and prevents the handover from grabbing you the morning after!


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