This Japanese Breathing Technique Can Help You Lose Weight

By | July 24, 2018
This Japanese Breathing Technique Can Help You Lose Weight

Thinking how to lose weight faster? This two-minute Japanese long-breath diet helps you lose weight fast, according to Miki Ryosuke, author of the “Long Breath Diet”.

He developed the fundamentals of his deep breathing diet.

People may think its weird when they hear about it for the first time, since it goes against everything we know and believe about weight loss.

However, according to Australian researchers, most weight we lose is by breathing: through carbon dioxide. Are you interested?

Here’s how to do it:

Ryosuke said that it only takes 2 minutes a day to make a difference.

There are 2 exercises you can try, but it’s best if you do them both, and repeat them 5 to 6 times each.

In order to do the first exercise you must place one foot in front of the other and contract your buttocks while shifting your weight between your feet. While in this position you must inhale deeply for 3 seconds while lifting your arms above your head. Finally, exhale vigorously through your mouth as you drop your arms and tense up all the muscles in your body for seven seconds.

The second exercise involves standing and contracting your buttocks with one hand on your stomach and the other on your lower back. You must breathe in for three seconds and then exhale for seven, while you contract all of the muscles in your body and push on your stomach.

People believe that this deep breathing diet builds muscle and speeds up your metabolism, increasing the oxygen levels in your body.

Try this new weight loss method and tell us how it was!



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