This New Drink Promises to Detoxify Your Kidneys

By | October 18, 2020
This New Drink Promises to Detoxify Your Kidneys

Learn how to make a homemade medicine to detox your kidneys using onions, parsley, and lemon.

In stressful periods of our lives, we may end up compensating our anxiety, fears, and sadness with food. Has this ever happened to you?

With the bad eating habits and lack of physical activities comes the bloating and weight gain.

It is important to manage your meals and start exercising to help your body eliminate the toxins in it.

In addition to following a healthy and balanced diet and practicing physical activities, there is something else you can do to get back on track!

This drink will help your body work more efficiently and reduce fluid retention. Your body and health will feel so much better!

And do you know which organ in your body is responsible for eliminating toxins and reducing liquid retention? Actually, they are two: the kidneys!

Although they are relatively small, compared to other organs, the kidneys are essential to our bodies.

They are the ones who cleanse the blood from potentially harmful substances, in addition to regulating the body fluids and other functions.

So, today, we will teach you how to prepare a drink using onion, parsley, and lemon.

Do you know the benefits of these ingredients?

Let’s learn how to make this natural medicine to eliminate toxins, fight inflammation, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the risk of infections.

While doing this treatment, avoid consuming salt or sodium, sugar, and saturated fats in excess.

If you have acid reflux or gastric irritation, low blood pressure, or hypoglycemia, do not follow this treatment.

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