Tips For Baby Acid Reflux | Pediatric Advice

By | July 3, 2017
Tips For Baby Acid Reflux | Pediatric Advice

Acid reflux can be an extremely uncomfortable and stressful condition for babies.

Transcript :

Reflux is a term which is used in babies called as gastro oesophageal reflux .
GRDS occurs less often in breast-fed babies mostly seen in babies. After having milk, they spit out some milk, if their spitting out is a little bit, there’s nothing needs to be done but if it’s too much then certain medication is required to be given .
You need to worry about it only if baby is not gaining adequate amount of weight ,not passing enough stool or urine .By properly burping, keep the baby in upright position for a longer time and letting the baby sleep at the incline position of 45 degrees which will help to resolve the issue.

In this video of MOMSPRESSO, Dr Deepak Sehgal, Pediatrician and CEO, Phoenix Hospital, talks about ‘How to Prevent Acid Reflux in Babies’.

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